What is a Metropolitan Meal Plan?

The Metropolitan Meal Plan unlocks delicious meals, coffee, snacks, and more, at 7 locations across campus. Your Meal Plan is comprised of Metropolitan Meal Plan Dollars (declining balance dollars)  that are added to your RunnerCard and are deducted from your account each time you use them. So there is no need to carry additional cards or cash!

When does my meal plan begin?

Meal plans generally begin the Friday before classes start.


What if I start to run now on Metropolitan Meal Plan Dollars?

You can add more dollars at any time to your RunnerCard!


What if I lose my Student ID?

Report your Student ID to the RunnerCard office as soon as you notice it missing. Your remaining Metropolitan Meal Plan balance will transfer over to your new ID.

Meal Plan Benefits

With your meal plan, you receive many benefits and perks, including:

  • Quality food made fresh by our culinary team, with a variety of menu options personalized the way you like
  • Healthy choices available all across campus
  • Special events with themed meals
  • Casual atmosphere with wifi, TVs, and music - perfect for studying or hanging out with friends.

Managing Your Plan

Check your Metropolitan Meal Plan balance on your receipt after a purchase at any of our dining locations.
Metropolitan Meal Plan running low? No problem! Add a Meal Plan now.

Key Dates

  • Fall Meal Plans Begin: August 21
  • Spring Meal Plans Begin: January 22